About Me

My name is Ivo Popov and I am a full time professional photographer with a wide array of photographic experience, an obsessive trail runner, a mountain lover, a skier, a yoga amateur, a movie fanatic and a father of the most amazing little girl 🙂

Photography is my career and it goes without saying I am very passionate about it. I am based in Brussels, Belgium, but my passion about photography has taken me all around the world. Here are a few photos of me combining my love for travel and photography:

Photographing at the old market in Damascus, Syria
Exploring and photographing at the old market in Damascus, Syria.
At the top of Aiuguille du Midi (3842m) above Chamonix photographing the climbers on their way to the summit of Mont Blanc.
Photographing Beirut, Lebanon covert in fog from a spot above the city
Photographing Beirut, Lebanon enveloped in fog from a spot above the city
Hiking in the french alps above the valley of Chamonix.
At the top of Breithorn (4164m) on the border and Switzerland and Italy photographing the Peak of Matterhorn.
In Switzerland photographing Jungfrau and Eiger.
Photographing the ruins of Baalbek in Lebanon.
Photographing in Saidnaya, Syria.
Photo by Joshua D'hondt
Photographing a couple in the desert outside Dubai.

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